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tv   [untitled]    March 23, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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however, the other day i was looking through the permits and as it turned out, the planning was wrong and the word was wrong and so, i am hoping that maybe with the new tracking system we can actually show also on these points not because the people who don't want to do the research and what was the drawings on the job or not, because that helps towards reseven and so just, the two comments, thank you. >> my name is robert davis and i am a bay view resident and i would like to mention one building in particular, 3801 third street and the vacant and abandoned building ordinance. again, so this building, in 2009, had a vacant and abandoned building citation,
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and which was dismissed and finally showed up and paid after two notices, and director's hearing. and in 2010, the same building had the nine times multiplier wave in the office by someone that i had no idea who and why and 6 and a half, thousands and the same building in 2013 passed through it the other day and more citations on the... more violations on the door and another director's hearing and this is a building as a picture and i don't know if you can see this or not. the building on the main street in what they call the mendel plaza in the bay view and on the third street between oak view and palu and it has been empty for years and has to be registered by the owner and there is something about the process that needs to be addressed and that is new
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again, to look at the vacant and the ordinance and that abandoned building ordinance which was passed by this order of supervisors in 2009 and see what can be fixed in the process, and i would like to invite you to come to the bay view for a commission meeting and we have plenty office space and there was talk about not being able to hire people because you don't have room. we have room and we would like to see you, office in the bay view, please, thank you. >> could i ask a question about that property? just. >> just a point of order, as in comment public, we can't. >> i think that we can ask. >> could you bring it up in new business? >> i just want to ask something about that property. >> yeah, in public comment, we can't. however, could you bring it up later in the new business, or something like that? commissioner walker? >> yeah, just to keep the protocol. we just got to keep the protocol here. >> i still have... >> i can't take any more comments, thank you. mr. davis. but we will deal with that.
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>> john henson and i am just give you a slight little update for 801 third street and that address has been referred to the city attorneys some time ago and so it is under their jurisdiction and so that is i can't comment beyond that, thank you. >> item four. director's report. 4 a, update on dbi's finances. >> good morning, i'm gale, and i am the acting chief, financial officer and so with our finances and our revenue is still coming in quite high and our revenue is up about 7 percent and the valuation is up about 25 percent from last year and so it is equivalent to the
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large charges for service and the revenue income. and so we are expecting to end the year, probably closer to 19 million dollars over and charges for services then, we had originally budgeted. and so that it is going to have us up, about the same, and in savings at this point. and so, our... >> so the apartment unit revenue comes in twice a year
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and so rereceived the first half this year and we will receive the second half at the end of the fiscal year and so it is about what we will expect. charges for services as i mentioned will come in high and we are over 99 percent of what we expected for the entire year now and we are only about 67 percent of the year in and so we will have quite a bit of extra revenue and charges for services and the last category is other and that is the transfer for the fund balance, for the capitol budgets and because the revenue is coming in so high, we have not needed to take the money from the fund balance and so it shows quite a bit of savings and we don't need to do that transfer. and so, in terms of expenses, and employee salaries are still slightly lower than what we could expect and we are higher than what we have been in the past years and we are a fuller staff than we have been in the passed and we do still have vacantcy but we do have more
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staff than we have in the past and i expect that savings to go down a little bit and we have requested a surplus transfer for the salaries into work orders and so that we can do the work order with the gsa for that bpr project and so we ill be using some of that money there, non-personal related expenses and materials and supplies and we are on track to spend the entire budget and where we are seeing a little bit of savings right now is in professional service and that is ramping up as we go through now and so i expect that we will spend a lot closer to our budget by the end of the year and we are showing a little bit of savings right there now, services for other departments is our work orders and they are generally billed quarterly and i would expect that next month you will see a higher percentage. and there in the transfer of the projects that we have already done, the state of our finances at the moment. >> thank you. >> item 4 b, update and
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proposed legislation. >> good morning commissioners and the legislative and public affairs. i think that most of these items that i have sent to you you are familiar with and we are continuing to move forward on the mayor's directive recently considering affordable housing and production and preservation and our director just met recently to try to improve the coordination on this program there, and i know that we are going to be speaking about the planning, and in the joint session a little bit later where that will be an item. and another piece of legislation, i am sure that you are aware of is the authorization or the legalization of inlaws, or granny flats, that supervisor david chui is authoring.
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that has now been submitted as a substitute ordinance and as expected at land use, actually next week. and they have made a number of changes to the planning commission itself has approved, the proposed legislation on a 6 to 1 vote, just this passed week. and it is in fact, that continues to go into effect, there will be a couple of changes in the new legislation, that effect us, and that anybody with a current notice of violation would have that suspended temporarily if the owners choose, and opt for legalization. and that notice of violation would be abaited if in fact they legalize the unit within one year. and the second change would require inlaw units pursuing no fault evictions through the
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state's. llis act, after march of this year to actually wait ten years before they would be eligible apply for legalization. and so, with those two item wes expect that legislation to move forward and we have already supported it here at this commission. we have supervisor tang's aid with us and will be speaking on a few minutes on the supervisor's proposal to have the awning improvement facade legislation for the month of may and for the past three years, we have waved the buildings and planned review fees as a way of incentivizing the owners to come through and do these improvements and as a way to help the small businesses and it also helps us to let the people know that may, nationally is building safety awareness, month.
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and in addition to small business awareness month. and so, we are doing what we can, of course, to support the small business by putting this forward and we think that it is good idea to continue the problem. other than that, i would say that the only thing to note is on the mandatory soft story program, you know, we continued to try and have more screening forms coming in, and we have actually, this past month, up and increased to 954 of the screening forms from 630 other that we had before us and we did have about a 27 percent increase there. and our big problem, however, is that there still remains about 4862 of those notified who have not yet responded and so we are going to do two things, and one working with the mayor's director of
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earthquake safety. and our seismic retrofit program, we are going to renotify that group of people, probably during the month of april, and at the director's suggestion. and at the same time, we are going to do a small advertising by the local publications and media, as a way of trying to remind people that come september 15th, all of these screen forms need to be returned or the department is legislatively under the requirement of starting to write notices of violation. we obviously do not want to be writing notices of violation, we want the people to complete the screening forms and enable us to move forward and to make sure that the mandatory seismic retrofits are completed. so with that, if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer. >> what is the compliance tiers? what are they referred to in this table? is this your table?
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>> well, that is actually from the program. the compliance. that series of tiers is set up in terms of at risk, the larger buildings with the more units are in tier one and those that down to like the single family home over the garage is probably in the last tier. >> i see. >> and then in some enstances we are giving people more time if they need to deal with ada issues, and some of the other things that may be found in the course of that. but, all of that is set to have the work done over a four to seven year period for all four compliance tiers.
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>> thanks. >> commissioner walker? >> on our next report if you could conclude how many are total in each tier so that we node, i would imagine that a bigger one will be harder and slower to comply, but if we had the universe of that stand it would be helpful. >> sure, we can do that. >> great, thank you. >> commissioner mar? >> on the mayor's task force for the affordable housing, besides the need to build new affordable housing, i was wondering if that working group was also discussing the transfer of some of the public housing to the non-profit groups >> well i am not aware of that discussion, and director? >> is that part of the discussion? >> yeah, good morning, commissioner.
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>> for our working group, we have been discussed on the, you know, the transfer for the housing authority, to the non-profit on that case. we only have three tasks and one year, regardings the permit and how to stream line and you know, how to make it, you know, more, and save time and you know, to speed up the review process, and the second one is regarding and it is one item and the eviction and you know, but that one has been discussed too much because that would be in a separate, you know, a longer term because we have to stay low in order for those changes. i will add that senator leno has introduced in the california state senate a piece of legislation, senate bill,
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1439, that essentially will prohibit new property owners from evoking the ellis act to evict tenants for five years after acquisition of that property. and that is schedule for a safe hearing soon. but, at least the proposal is in i guess that we will have to wait and see what the state legislation decides to do with that. >> thank you. >> item 4 c, update on permit tracking system. >> good morning, commissioners i am the project director. and we completed our one-day, and training sessions as of monday, for all of the dbi staff as well as planning staff. and also the inner agency reviewing staff like the fire dpw and puc and that concluded
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on monday and this was an overview, one day on all of the functionality and features at a high level. and several functions and specific questions came up during these sessions which will be addressed when we get to the specialized training because if it is a planned review, you have the question of the infections and so those are going to be addressed to the specialized sessions that are going to be coming up. and we are continuing this last round of users, acceptance testing and there is a last week pending that will continue during the second week of april and the issues that came up in the last few weeks are being fixed and we are doing retesting right now. we are also working actually on the data conversion and did a mapping and they are running the scripts this week and since last weekend and we were hoping to get to review the first round of data conversion, before the end of this week, to get to see that. and we will not know more,
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regarding the data accuracy until another couple of weeks because it is millions of rows that are being converted and we will review that entire case. >> like we reported earlier, and we are having to the shortage with the it and and as well as the permanent positions and so far the results have not been as encouraging, but in the hr is helping out and trying to pursue other avenues at the same time. that is all that i have. >> commissioner walker? >> thank you for that. yeah, i missed the last meeting but i heard that we are also being our employees are being displaced by the tech, or the computer, support people are being, you know, hired by the tech community. and so, is that going to add anything time-wise to having this system up and running? >> it is definitely having an
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impact based on the project plan that we have had so far and since, the last four months, it has been pushed out because of the fact that we are not able to respond in a timely fashion, so for example, if we say that we have got them actively working on the data conversion review we may be done in like two weeks it seems kind of, challenging to be in a city so full of
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technology and not get people to be able to work on our technology. thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner mar, i believe has a question? >> it was the same question, commissioner walker asked which was could we go to the vend or and have them step in for some of the data conversion. and we are trying to attempt to do that and we will have someone next week to start working on that but it is very short term and we are hoping that it will help us in some way. >> great. >> and on that, have the vendor been responsive to you guys in your complaints, and slowing down. >> actually they have been it and have been interviewing the folks for actually, to be hired permanently as well as exempt as well azteckology, store, and service requests. and that is the one that we are exploring next week but they are having their own challenge and losing staff and having a hard time replacing and so we
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are both in the same boat. >> one of the conversations that we had was you know, we kind of have to face our demons here if we have got a big problem coming down the road here in time frame of this and kind of to get out ahead of us and claim this and let us know, and you know, that you are still kind of giving us the whole that this is going to stay on time. but the body language and the information kind of dictates that this is going to get worse than better and so i would like to know, and it would be, and do you think and i throw this to the other commissioners, do you think that it is time to have a state of the union where we bring in the stake holders in and we have an honest conversation because i know with the grand jury report and everything else that is out there, if we are going to miss our deadline, we need to be talking about that now. >> maybe an agenda item.
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>> yeah. >> full on. >> i know that you are trying to and you are not there yet to surrender to that and i know that it is your job to keep the show on the road, and so, please don't interpret this and i am trying to put you in a bad place here, i am just trying to be realistic about what is going on. >> i agree that we have to put it as an agenda item. >> yeah. >> and again, for like i was talking about the data conversion is the longest term of this time and so again, we are going to be reviewing in the next couple of weeks, but i am hoping that the next review and reporting period i should be able to come up with a better estimate. >> okay. so the next and then you will feel more comfortable about where we stand with everything. >> right. >> we will at your recommendation, after that report, and maybe if put together an agenda item on it and invite the stake holders here. >> sure. >> all right, thank you. >> thanks for all of your work. >> thank you.
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>> item 4 d, update on major projects. >> good morning, tom puey. letting you receive the financial report number of permit coming in still not slowing down for december, january, besides the cold change, i expect for the next year and still have more permanent coming in and as you see, the you know, among or coming in and the number of crane, you know, right now it is up to 45. and then maybe more. and then they have, had to have the statistics to come up and go down because they are so fast and it is sometimes, the inspector cannot keep track of it. but by looking at the amount of money coming back to last month, and still going up, and about 7.3 billion. besides these, major project,
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we also have a lot of new tasks. like the directive from the mayor regarding the housing project. and also, the soft story and, then we need to send our loss of nov. and the amount of tasks that we need to take care of and the condo conversion and we already have it on that and that is why every day that we see to make our shop more aoe efficiently and how do we hire more people and i don't want to say squeeze everybody in the room to get the work down.
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>> 100 van ness, did we ever list it in the project reports in and it is a big conversion, of..., and yeah. >> and yeah. what is this? >> it is here and does not seem and unless there is a different address. side street? >>
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>> what is that? >> no. >> >> it isn't there? >>
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i can be brought to you, you know, directly, to text you, and i think that there is a way, but right now. >> this is a really large project. >> yeah. >> it is the final skin on there, and it is more than 300, i think, and at least is advertising, and there was a conversion of the commercial to residential. >> yeah. >> what is the building with the tower goes up next to it. >> you can't miss it from the city hall, it is the biggest view, >> and that is tend to..., and it is... right. >> okay, item 4 e, update on
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code enforcement >> good morning, dan lowry and deputy director of services and i would like for give you an update on the code enforcement and the monthly update. and this month, and it will depict of what we have done from june until now and instead of just giving you numbers or a break down so that you can see the history of the complaints. and one is for building, and it housing inspections because it lasts for the insections on both divisions and the other graph that you have is for the
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activities and what we try to do is wrap up all of the months that we have since we started this and reporting to you, and to show you the case and action and history. of the month. the other one is for the housing complaint activities and the last one is for code enforcement and complaint activities and i think that this will be helpful, and those will be graph up our activity here. for the month of february, building inspections performed were 4168, complaints received 221, complaint response within 24, to 72 hours is 193. complaint first notice of violations were 47. complaint receive and abaited without notice of violations was 102. and abaited complaintwise notice of violations were 50. and second notice of violations
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refer to the code enforcement as 20 and so out of these complaints, 54 percent were responded to within 24 hours. 33 percent was responded to within 72 hours, and 13 percent were responded to after 72 hours. and that gives us 100 percent response, for the complaint investigation. and i just like to add ever since june until now we have had 100 percent of these complaints response and i will have the first chief, and housing inspection report on housing and then report on the code enforcement activity. >> thank you, deputy director. >> ross mary bosky and you can see from the table, full number of inspections performed by the housing division has steadily been increasing with the lower
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red line down here. and based on the fact that in august of last year, we hired 7 new housing inspect ors in the training and so the number of inspections and the number of cases that have been abaited have been increasing. and there is a substantially a less number of inspections performed by the housing inspector and you may ask yourselves that is the case because they take a code enforcement case from the beginning to the end. all the way through the city attorney that requires a lot of inspections and we also only right one notice of violation and have to manifest the presence because some of the code enforcement tools that we have had are not as effective such as the referrals to the state franchise tax board and issuing citations and i will get into


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